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We went to Queensburgh in Durban for a family get-together and decided to look for weekend accommodation in Queensburgh. The function was a twenty first birthday bash and we thought that perhaps a Queensburgh Bed and Breakfast (or even a Pinetown Bed and Breakfast ) would do the trick. Bed and Breakfast accommodation was essential - a nice greasy egg and bacon breakfast after the night before would be what the doctor ordered. Who needs to make breakfast with a hangy??

After much searching the net, we couldn't find much in the way of bed and breakfast or Self Catering accommodation in Queensburgh, but we did find a lovely Bed and Breakfast called Queensburgh Bed & Breakfast, you can't miss it 'cause it is a bright canary yellow building.

After checking in to our accommodation at Queensburgh Bed and Breakfast we decided to take a drive and have a look at the available attractions, shops and restaurants in the area. Queensburgh is made up of a few suburbs which are: Escombe, Northdene, Malvern, Hillary and Bellair. The only attractions in Northdene are the North Park Nature Reserve which is a small nature reserve with a few trails to walk on and there is a bicycle racing track on Old Main Road close to the Northdene Vetenary.

The closest shops are the Queensburgh Pick n Pay centre and Malvern Park in Malvern. Pick n Pay centre has a few shops such as intimate secrets which sells affordable clothes and underwear, Pick n Pay, a pet shop, a hairdresser, sheet street, a biltong shop, and Iets Niets which has the most divine home made baked goods. There is also a Nedbank in the centre and a Maxis restaurant. At the bottom of the Pick n Pay centre is Russells, a bottles and Spur Steak Ranch which is a perfect family restaurant as it has a lovely play area for the kids. Malvern Park is a newly renovated centre which has shops such as: Checkers, Pep Stores, Miladys, Mr Price, Clicks, Pharmacy, Montagu, and Cell C. There are food restaurants in the Malvern centre such as the popular John Dory's, Scooters, Jolly Grubber, Wimpy (great for the kids as it also has a play area), and not to forgot there new Bella Boo store which a wonderful little frozen yogurt bar and coffee bar. Bella Boo might be a great place to take the kids as you go there choose your frozen yogurt flavour, add your sweets, fruits and/or nuts, weigh and pay. Known to be simple and delicious.

There is not much to see or do in Hillary and Bellair.
Quality Hillary accommodation or Bellair accommodation or even self catering apartments or self catering cottages are as scarce as hen's teeth . Hillary and Bellair are sort of the "down town" part of Queenburgh.
Hillary is home to the Hillary Bowls club, which may interest some.........We youngsters needed to get the heck out and find some action!!
The nearest big mall to Queensburgh is the Pavilion in Westville, the Westwood Mall in Westville and the Pinecrest Centre in Pinetown, all three of these malls are full of restaurants, entertainment, movies and shops and I think it would have been more interesting if we looked for accommodation in Westville or accommodation in Pinetown to be close to these malls and the entertainment. I know there is a beautiful Westville Bed and Breakfast which would have been perfect for our holiday accommodation stay. Never-the-less we had a great stay and a great family function and the next time we visit Queensburgh we will rather look for accommodation around Queensburgh like Westville accommodation or Pinetown accommodation.

In a nutshell, Queensburgh has a fair sized industrial area and is far more suitable for business accommodation (reps etc) - definitely not for youngsters on the jol!

Alison G.