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Tourism Information
The Mkomazi Wilderness Area lies along the banks of the Mkomazi River in the southern Drakensberg. This is an area of quite spectacular beauty, with a backdrop of high basalt cliffs. This area is riddled with hiking trails and is a perfect spot for foraging among the many landmarks of the district. Most landmarks can be reached with a minimum of trouble and are within a comfortable walking distance. This is an area for the nature lover and a paradise for the hiker and mountaineer. There is plenty of accommodation in or near to the Mkomazi Wilderness area and this ranges from hotels to bed and breakfasts. If you are hiking alone or even in small groups, be sure to register your intentions with someone in authority beforehand just in case you get lost or caught in a storm. The most dangerous time to hike is in summer, when a glorious sunny day can turn into a cold and unbearable experience in just a few minutes.