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Kosi Bay Tourism Information
Tourism Information

Kosi Bay, situated on the northernmost tip of the Zululand Coast close to the Mozambique border, can be reached by branching off the N2 at Jozini and heading north-west for around 70 kilometres. Although easily accessible by two wheel drive vehicles, some excursions in this wilderness wonderland that is Kosi Bay will require four wheel drives.

A series of lakes, interconnected by winding channels make up the Kosi Bay system leading to the Bay where the world's largest marine turtle, the Leatherback, can often be found nesting on the beach.

The constant interchange of fresh and sea water in the Kosi lake system has led to a rich biodiversity of plant life including 5 species of Mangrove and indigenous Rapphia palms. Over 300 species of birds have been recorded in the area with the Pels Fishing Owl and the rare and endangered, fruit eating Palmnut Vulture being major prizes.

Snorkelling. Turtle tracking. Canoeing. Bird watching. These are just some of the activities available to the Kosi Bay visitor - if you can entice the fishermen away from what is without doubt, first and foremost - A Fisherman's Paradise!