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Eston Tourism Information
Tourism Information

The small village of Eston is set among the rolling sugar cane fields of KwaZulu-Natal. There is stunning scenery to be seen here with views of rolling cane fields towards the distant hills and down into the Gwahumbe valley. Eston is little more than a farming community, though the village does support a Sugar Mill and a Primary School. The village is brought to life once a year during the annual Illovo - Eston Mountain Bike Challenge, which raises many thousands of Rands for the local community.

It was among the scenic hills and rock formations of this sweeping landscape that fearless, spear-wielding impi of the Zulu kings first came across the unbridled British Empire's experienced troops, and where each of them in turn faced the unfamiliar guerilla-warfare tactics of the Boer - descendants of the Dutch settlers who centuries earlier had established residence in this area.