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Brighton Beach in Bluff area is renowned for its world famous surf spot 'Cave Rock', enticing surfers from all over the world to come and ride the supertube waves as large swells break across the rock reef. At low tide the Brighton Beach, Bluff Area surf ebbs to expose rock pools for children to play in and discover marine life.

Situated South of the Durban Beachfront, Brighton Beach remains unspoilt by a deluge of high-rise buildings, and with thick vegetation bordering the Bluff coastline - home to monkeys and mongoose, Brighton Beach is in essence part of the Bluff Nature Reserve, Durban's oldest nature reserve, comprising a wetland pan, lake and adjacent forest area. Just a stone's throw away from the city, Brighton Beach's Bluff Nature Reserve provides excellent walking trails and bird viewing opportunities.
Virtually right next door to the Bluff, Brighton Beach Nature Reserve, and set in a beautiful wetland conservation area, the Bluff National Park Golf Club is a lovely 18-hole course located within a wetland conservation area where Fish Eagles soar overhead. This challenging Bluff course offers facilities that include a club house bar, banquet area, meeting facilities and halfway house, where non-members are more than welcome. Bluff Golf Club offers very reasonable green fees for visiting Golfers.

For the holiday maker, or those who just want a change of scenery from Durban's congestion, the Bluff, Brighton Beach accommodation is unparalleled. Brighton Beach will provide you with Brighton Beach Self Catering cottage accommodation perched above the Indian Ocean, from where you can see the dolphins frolicking close to shore, and Brighton Beach Self Catering Apartment accommodation where you can unwind and relax in unassuming luxury.
Nearby Ansterys Beach on the Bluff also offers Ansteys Beach Self Catering accommodation and Ansteys Beach Bed & Breakfast accommodation, where you can enjoy laid-back beach breaks away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

Brighton Beach accommodation may be a mere 20 minutes drive from Durban Beachfront CBD, Durban Point Waterfront and the suburbs in the Durban Area, but it's a world unto its own. Fondly known as "the friendly suburb", Brighton Beach with its unspoilt beaches and wide open spaces is a "beach getaway that begs exploration." There's shopping at the Bluff malls, and a variety of restaurants and take-aways ranging from seafood to steak to pizza to indulge in, making Brighton Beach a relaxed holiday atmosphere conducive to year-round holiday fever.

Brighton Beach and Ansteys Beach accommodation are on the "right side" of the mountainous bluff which separates the "very average" Bluff neighbourhood from Brighton Beach accommodation on the seaside of the Bluff